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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a family host more than one player?

A: Yes! It helps if sometimes two (or more) players share transportation expenses, along with the players have someone to be with.

Q: How long does a player stay for?

A: It depends if the player stays for the duration of the season or longer, if they have prior commitments. The length of stay is a factor when considering matches between the players and host families.

Q: What are the family’s responsibilities?

A: The family will provide a room with the proper furniture (bed, desk & chair, place for clothes storage). Meals will include breakfast, lunch, and dinner when the player is not on the road.

Q: What are the player’s responsibilities?

A: The player must follow the host family’s rules, while showing respect and consideration for all host family members. They also need to maintain their belongings and rooms.

Q: Does the billet family receive compensation?

A: The player will be responsible for paying a monthly stipend. Other than compensating for the cost the family incurs when hosting a player, the main reason for hosting a player within the organization is the family is gaining an invaluable experience and relationships.

**If you have any other questions regarding the Billet Program please contact info.jrmonarchs@gmail.com **